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At Lorenzo's gardening service

We strive to offer our customers a service of the highest quality and first-class service. Our philosophy is "A company ... Total care". We take pride in being able to handle all the maintenance needs of your property.

At spring beginning, we closely monitor our clients' property. We start with the cleaning and analyze the lawn to see if there is pajama collection or if the soil needs central aeration. We test the soil to see what nutrients it lacks and launch a fertilizer program. We will stop at the right property to closely monitor the lawn and landscape for the rest of the season. These weekly quality controls help us to be at the forefront of any potential problems and the double verification work carried out.

During these difficult economic times, we help our clients by grouping our services. We can create a customized package that fits their needs and develop a payment schedule which works best for you. Come and see why more property owners entrust their properties to Lorenzo's gardening service.

Our Tree Service at Lorenzo's Gardening Service goes beyond mere maintenance – it's about nurturing the health and vitality of your trees. With the arrival of spring, we conduct a meticulous assessment of our clients' properties, starting with thorough cleaning and a comprehensive analysis of the trees. We pay close attention to identify any signs of disease, pest infestation, or structural issues that may compromise the well-being of your trees.

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